The M.O.S.H. Pit
Sand Mountain Youth Center, Inc.
"We have a Message of Success and Hope for Sand Mountain Youth!"


M.O.S.H. stands for Messages Of Success and Hope.... the outreach program of the Sand Mountain Youth Center, or M.O.S.H. Pit.  Through summer and after-school programs, youth participate in drug and violence prevention, character building, community service, and homework help along with the positive alternatives like parties, live bands, pool and other activities. The M.O.S.H. Pit is located in the old VFW building in Rainsville.  Click here for directions.

 Ages:  12 -17 years of age (10-14 years of age in the summer and after-school program)

Cost:  Membership is free....  Most activities are free

Contact:  Debby Wooten, Director
(256) 638-7661 (M.O.S.H. Pit Office)
(256) 623- SAFE (Project C.H.A.N.G.E. Office)
Fax (256) 638-7449

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